From left to right:Zlatko Fras, Jürgen Roters, Reinhard Griebenow

In 2010, UEMS Cardiology Section started the “European Cardiology Section Foundation” (ECSF®), a non-profit, charitable Foundation based in Cologne / DE.

UEMS Logo The UEMS (Union Européene des Médecins Specialistes) represents the medical specialists all over Europe to the EU-Commission (Brussels), Cardiology Section being one of the 38 Specialty Sections inside UEMS. It is the aim of UEMS and its Sections to harmonize training and education in the medical specialties in Europe in order to achieve and maintain the highest level of occupational practice and specialist health care.

On March 18th, 2011 the Lord Mayor of Cologne Juergen Roters had invited national as well as international representatives to celebrate the inauguration of ECSF® in the historic Town Hall of Cologne. The Lord Mayor pointed out the importance of the health care sector for the City of Cologne and congratulated to the inauguration of ECSF® which adds a new and exciting initiative to the numerous public as well as private activities in the health care sector.

UEMS president Zlatko Fras in his speech described the initiatives taken by UEMS during his presidency to strengthen the influence of medical specialists in contemporary Europe. He expects ECSF® to make important contributions to the work of UEMS.